PTCL Flash Fiber Packages | Smart Tv Charges 2023

Ptcl Flash Fiber is a fiber optic broadband technology that provides an ultra-fast, reliable internet connection. With Ptcl Flash Fiber, you can enjoy speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps), which is significantly faster than traditional broadband connections. It also offers more reliable service with low latency, so your streaming and gaming experiences are smoother and more enjoyable.

With Ptcl Flash Fiber 2023, you can access the internet from any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. This makes it an ideal solution for households with multiple devices connected to the web. Thanks to its reliable service, Ptcl Flash Fiber is also an excellent choice for businesses that require secure, high-speed internet access.

Whether you’re a home user or a business customer, Ptcl Flash Fiber 2023 can provide you with an ultra-fast and reliable connection that will keep up with your needs. With speeds of up to 250 Gbps, this cutting-edge broadband technology is perfect for streaming HD videos, gaming online or using multiple devices at once. Ptcl Flash Fiber is the perfect choice for those who demand the ultimate in speed and reliability. Try it today to experience the future of broadband internet!

Enjoy Fastest Internet with lowest installation charges

Sign up for Ptcl Flash Fiber today and experience the fastest internet speeds available. With a wide range of packages that include unlimited data, you can choose the perfect plan to suit your needs. Get ready to enjoy an ultra-fast, reliable connection.

Ptcl Flash Fiber Packages 2023 Details

Choose the perfect package for your needs, with unlimited data and speed:

• Ptcl Flash Fiber 20 Mbps seamless connectivity + Free all net 100 minutes. Price @ 2,199+Tax

• Ptcl Flash Fiber 30 Mbps seamless connectivity + Free all net 300 minutes. Price @ 2899 + Tax

• Ptcl Flash Fiber 40 Mbps seamless connectivity + Free all net 300 minutes. Price @ 3799+ Tax

• Ptcl Flash Fiber 50 Mbps seamless connectivity + Free all net 500 minutes. Price @ 4499+ Tax

• Ptcl Flash Fiber 100 Mbps seamless connectivity + Free all net 500 minutes. Price @ 8199+ Tax

• Ptcl Flash Fiber 250 Mbps seamless connectivity + Free all net 1000 minutes. Price @ 17999+ Tax

Packages Include Internet, TV & Phone with Lowest Installation Charges.

Ptcl Smart Tv Charges 2023

  • 1 Tv Plan @ Rs. 250 and STB charges are Rs. 3,999
  • 2 Tv Plan @ Rs. 400 2nd STB charges are Rs. 2,499
  • 3/4 Tv Plan @ Rs. 500 3rd and 4th STB charges are Rs. 2,499

All prices are exclusive of taxes. For more details call 1218.

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