PTCL Broadband Packages 2022 Updated

PTCL is the largest internet-providing company in Pakistan.  It is a government-owned company providing high-speed internet across 2000 cities and towns in the country.  It is famous for the high-speed internet and unlimited browsing data at the lowest possible rates.  Now you can enjoy high-speed internet with unlimited data at the speed of 100 MBPS with PTCL fibre optic connectivity and easily downloading of ptcl bill.  Now you can watch your favourite multimedia videos, download movies and TV shows with PTCL unlimited broadband package. This article discusses basic information about the PTCL broadband packages 2022.

PTCL Broadband Packages and Pricing

If you want to use the PTCL DSL for home wi-fi then you will find a variety of packages ranging from 6 MBPS to 100 Mbps. You can enjoy the basic broadband package of PTCL which is 8MBPS at Rs 2300. If you want to upgrade your basic package then you can also consider 15MBPS, 25MBPS, 50MBPS and up to 100 MBPS.  If you have a small family of 3 to 4 members and want to use the internet for daily routine then I would recommend going for the basic package as it gives you unlimited Internet at the lowest possible rates.

  • Ptcl 6Mb at Rs. 1,829
  • Ptcl 8Mb at Rs. 2.289
  • Ptcl 15Mb at Rs. 2,819
  • Ptcl 25Mb at Rs. 3,379
  • Ptcl 50Mb at Rs. 5229
  • Ptcl 100Mb at Rs. 7,749

For more ptcl net packages details check the below chart:



Up to 6 Mbps

Up to 8 Mbps

Up to 15 Mbps

Up to 25 Mbps

Up to 50 Mbps

Up to 100 Mbps








Internet Charges (PKR)







Flash Fiber Charges







PTCL Customer Support

PTCL offers ideal customer support to its users. You must have listened from people that PTCL customer support is the worst and it takes them weeks to resolve the issue but it is absolutely not true. Whenever you find any problem with the internet you must call 1218 to register your complaint. If your issue is not solved within 2 days then the PTCL team physically visits the area to find out the problem. PTCL is the largest telecom company in Pakistan offering high-speed internet package so you have to try the internet package of PTCL once. PTCL also offers a wireless device known as PTCL Charji. You just have to recharge the device and enjoy free wi-fi at any place you want.

ptcl internet packages
Final Words

PTCL improved its services over the years due to the arrival of other companies. PTCL network speed is awesome and you can get unlimited internet MBS at cheap rates. PTCL plans cannot be compared with other internet providers in terms of rates. There are many remote areas of our country where only PTCL works. PTCL is the Payoneer amongst others and offers affordable data plans especially when it comes to broadband internet packages. You must check the official website of PTCL for further package details. 

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